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The second image to be discussed is the “room of one’s own”. If a woman wants to be independent in a real sense, she ought to obtain physical freedom at first, and then struggle for their spiritual freedom. That’s why Woolf maintains that a woman should fight for “a room of one’s ownEssaymint:专注软文代写和代写作业等服务,作业代写-100%原创高分”. On the one hand, it is a symbol of a woman’s physical freedom; on the other hand, it paves way for a woman’s spiritual freedom. Here is the reason: In the past, man is always the upper class, while woman is the inferior. Not to mention a room of her own, a woman cannot even guarantee her own living rights. Therefore, if a woman is able to own a room of her own, she must have been powerful. In another word, she must have been rich. To sum up, financial independence is the premises of the woman’s own room. Meanwhile, a woman’s own room is the symbol of a woman’s physical freedom.

In addition to a symbol of physical freedom, “a room of one’s own” serves as a symbol of the feminine spiritual freedom. As has been mentioned above, one’s own room is the prerequisite of a woman’s physical independence. It is also the basis of a woman’s spiritual freedom. As Virginia Woolf herself once stated in her works, if a woman’s room opens and she gets six pence or might get six pence, her thoughts, her minds and her actions would all become meaningful (Woolf, 1982). In another word, when a woman is able to have her own room, she can form her own ideas without interference. With her own ideas, she can create something invaluable, especially in literature. In doing so, she is competitive to earn some money for herself and becoming financially independent by selling her creative works. Having recognized her economic independence, a woman tends to reflect on her life and spare no effort to seek for her own pursuits. As a result, she is likely to create more works from the feminine perspective and contribute more to the world. Therefore, we can conclude that a room is essential for the woman’s spiritual freedom. Furthermore, it symbolizes the development of the feminine literature.


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